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02 August 2014

ON-エミュレーション Development Log #2 - Bayside町

Bayside町 (Bayside-Machi), translates to 'Bayside Town', and it is a revamp of the original Bayside town area located north of San Fierro.

I felt personally obligated to revamp this particular area of the game because of how perfectly balanced it is, and how neglected it gets by most players. Designed originally as a maritime town for single player (Boat License school), not only it brags about having great access to the ocean, it also brags about having one of the biggest motorways in the entire state as its primary way of access for road vehicles.

A couple things I did to improve the infrastructure of Bayside consist off...
  •  An Increase on the number of houses and addition of markets to in order simulate more population density
  • The expansion of one of the dock areas in order to house more and bigger sea vehicles 
  • The addition of a tiny airport to allow the landing of average sized planes (it is also possible for experienced pilots to land airliners, however, with some space restraint for manouvers)
  • Drastic increase on the total amount of vegetation in the area (more bushes, addition of side-walk city trees and small gardens)
  • More points of interest such as a oriental palace and an underground mall
The map is almost complete, the only things left to do is object trimming and improving the airport infrastructure as I'm not quite happy with the way it currently looks.

Because I've got soo much images, I'll be posting a slideshow instead:

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