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31 July 2014

ON-エミュレーション Development Log #1 - Chilliad村

Status: Work in progress...

Chilliad (Chilliad-Mura), translated as 'Chilliad Village' is a small village located on top of San Andreas highest point, Mount Chilliad

Chilliad's mountain top provides provides A LOT of usable open space, thus I figured, with a little work I would probably be able to amplify that space and make something unique out of it.. Thus the idea of creating a village was born. It took me a lot of inspiration, a bit of research, and tons of 'trial & error' to make most of this map, its rather difficult to work on such a location using a limited range of static GTA San Andreas objects without resorting to the aid of 3D modelling.

The idea for the design and structure of this town was fueled by several fantasy-style MMO towns, I had to see what buildings I had at my disposal and make good use of them. After mixing and matching the fantasy elements with the realistic elements of the game this is what I ended up with.. 

In short, Chilliad-Mura is a town driven by commerce and tourism with lots of commercial points, an airport and sky-docks.  

Closing thoughts: The map is still not completed, I intend to do some work in the detailing department as well as trimming unneeded objects in order to reduce the stress on the streamer, and also finish off a tiny portion of the town.

That'd be all for now.

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